Regional sightings

 There has been several sightings in the region the last few weeks. I have heard reports from US 52, commonly called the Tolsia Highway, near Fort  Gay. Also there was a sighting  in Logan, WV. These were triangular type UFOs. Hopefully more in the near future ....

Gordon Cooper passes

One of the first American astronauts, Gordon Cooper, recently passed away. Cooper was one of the NASA astronauts that said he witnessed a UFO. 
He was not shy about his sighting and talked about it on several occasions. We need more brave men like him to step forward to tell the truth.

UFO Sighting in Mingo, Pike Counties

 The last couple weeks of June there has been several UFO sighting in Mingo County, W.Va. and Pike County, Ky. I have one investigator who is  looking into a couple  of these sightings.
I am looking into another - very unusual sighting, which was near Williamson, WV.

Two interesting interviews - watch these

Copy and past these links and watch them. Astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper talking about UFOS!

Appalachian UFO Research Society

 Hey folks, I have formed a new group - AURS - Appalachian UFO Research Society with four other people from southern W.Va. and eastern Ky. Together we hope to investigate any good UFO sightings in Appalachian - at least in our region.
 We have a Facebook page which we would like you to join. You can contact us on there or here on my website.
 Since there are not many organizations - especially in our region - to report a UFO sighting or incident, I wanted to form this group to make it easier for citizens to do so.
 This is a real phenomena. We have a lot of cases in W.Va., Ky., southern Ohio, Va. and other areas of Appalachia that have had numerous UFO sightings. If you are a witness or know someone who has seen something, let us know.

Crop Circles reported in Grayson, Ky.

 I have received a report about some crop circles that were on a  farm near Grayson, Ky. I have someone looking  into  this case  for me. They have to get permission to go on the property.
 I also have seen a report about a UFO sighting near Ashland, Ky. a few months ago that sounds interesting.
 I am forming a UFO investigative team tentatively called Appalachian UFO Research Society. I have some good team members who have already committed. More on this at a later date.

UFO reported in Williamson area

 I have had several credible witnesses, one a relative, who spotted a UFO over the Williamson - Chattaroy - Falls Branch area New Year's Eve night around 12 midnight.
 There were some posts on Facebook. I am hoping to investigate this case further. It would be the second big UFO sighting in this area in the last three months. The last time was the big daytime sighting in mid October. Hundreds of witnesses saw that UFO - including me. 

Witness on the UFO over the Tug Valley 10-16-12

From Tina Jones Fletcher

UFO over my hometown Oct. 16, 2012

 I was an eye witness to this UFO over my hometown of Williamson, W.Va. today, Oct. 16, 2012. There was several witnesses in a wide area.
 I took these photos. I got two calls at the newspaper office where I work. I plan to follow-up on this.

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